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Sherbrooke, Canada

About Sherbrooke


itting at the confluence of the Saint-François and Magog rivers is the lovely city of Sherbrooke. The city has a long history, with known residents dating back some 8,000 years. But it wasn’t until the 20th century that it really made its mark.

Being the economic, cultural and institutional centre of the region, Sherbrooke was nicknamed the ‘Queen of the Eastern Townships’. And a queen it is, what with its urban core and numerous green spaces, which are surrounded by mountains, lakes and rivers.
Sherbrooke is a city of heritage sights, cultural sights and natural attractions, making it a great place for a holiday.

Sherbrooke is home to over 165,000 people, and the territory covers 366km2 . Crisscrossed by two rivers and mostly wooded, its rugged terrain offers impressive views. Its environment is tailor-made for the outdoors, as evidenced, in particular, by the presence of a lake and a ski hill in the heart of the city!

The rate of bilingualism among the Sherbrooke population exceeds 40%. Also, Sherbrooke is a metropolitan area which welcomes a significant number of immigrants. It now has a dynamic immigrant population (7,1 %) that contributes significantly to the community, more than 100 different nationalities speaking 50 languages.

After being driven mostly by manufacturing, Sherbrooke’s economy now relies on more promising sectors like life sciences, green technologies, micro-nanotechnologies, IT, to which the presence of two major universities significantly contributes.

Sherbrooke is also known as to host amazing events of all kinds, from local and regional arts and culinary festivals, to national sports competitions and international events such as 2002 Sherbrooke’s Bicentennial yearlong festivities, 2003 IAAF World Youth Games and 2013 Canada Summer Games, which brought together thousands of participants and spectators.

During major events, local transportation provided through free municipal bus services. Local teams can also be brought together to insure personalized car pooling.
Late September usually blooms with fall colors as leaves are at there peak. Daytime temperatures vary from 15C-20C.

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